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Mark Herschler is versatile in a wide variety of musical genres.

Below are just some samples of the types of music that he can provide.

classical guitar

Mark began his studies of music in the Classical tradition, and has recently returned to this style since his adventures in jazz, blues and flamenco. He has a 21 song Classical CD available for purchase which features the music of Bach, Tarrega, and Lauro (to name just a few)
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classical improvisation

Here Mark adds his own improvised parts to some beautiful pieces from the Rennaissance and Romantic periods the resulting sound is that of a trio or quartet though it is performed solo
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Mark returned from L.A. to make a folk record with his friends in New England. The result is titled "Out of the Darkness" which features many wonderful performances by great musicians, including Amy Fairchild, Tom McClung, Jimmy Gordon, Steve McCraven, and Gideon Freudmann, to name a few.
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With the help of Peter Kim on base and Jimmy Arnold on drums, Here Herschler has a dynamic trio the he calls "Gross National Project". They play funk and Blues but also include Afro pop and Salsa as part of their original compositions that are the product of Marks musical travels throughout Europe.
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herschler brothers

This a collaboration of identical twin brothers. the songs are soulful and anthemic, a rare and heartfelt intimacy .
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This Cello guitar duo has its basis in the Bach Inventions and Taj Mahal. Their favorite venues are churches where their fat acoustic tones are complimented by a naturally stunning acoustic setting. Together Gideon Freudmann and Mark Herschler have produced two recordings the first is "Dancing on my hat" and the latest is "Ghost in the attic". As mark says of their newest recording, "I have never been a happy with a new recording as I am with the gost record. We have captured some of the majical spontanious sounds that have inspired this project from the very begining.
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Swing and Jazz

With the help of Dan Goitein on base and George Plouffe on piano and organ this swing trio has come into being. This classic jazz trio features the timeless songs of Gershwin, Porter, Ellington, Basie, Waller, Arland, Ray Charles, and Bessie Smith. The sparkling melodies of Goitein, and the Cascading triads of Plouffe combine with the beautiful classical guitar tone. Together they creat a wonderful addition to your special occasion.

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