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Mark Herschler

Herschler is one of the most vesatile musicians on or off the scene. Having played and performed in a wide variety of styles, including Classical, Rennaissance, Baroque, folk, funk, Blues and Jazz, Samba Salsa, Soucous, West African, Persian, Morrocan, Indian andFlamenco to name a few.

Born in Oakland California, and raised in Riverside Ca. his early musical loves were Bach and Johnny Cash. He started on Classical Guitar with Roger Nahas up untill finishing Highschool. He continued his studies in Classical on the East Coast in Collage with Robert Rawdon. There he also expanded into Jazz with the expert help and advice of Archie Shepp, Roland Wiggins, Art Matthews, and Ray Copeland.

At Amherst he also picked up Western Harmony with Henry Mishkin, Composition with Lou Spratlin, and studied some Indian Ragas with David Reck.

On Graduating he went to Europe where he Joined Danny Fitzgerald and the "Lost Wandering Blues and Jazz Band. Together they expanded the band into a 6 piece and traveled Europe for nearly a Decade, playing the music of Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Lil Green< Billy Holiday, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, and Ray Charles, etc...

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