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Lil' Shack Records began with a dream. Composer/Musicians Dan Goitein and Mark Herschler here realize that dream with a full 10-track studio to elaboarate on their ground-breaking musical experimentations in Jazz, Classical, Folk, Funk, Swing, Blues and Rock. Go to lilshack.com to purchase Mark's CDs.


BROQUE....Bach, Blues and Beyond.

Gideon Freudmann and Mark Herschler are an acoustic cello and guitar duo called BROQUE. For Freudmann and Herschler, the repertoire of Johannes Sebastian Bach is fair game for the field of musical experimentation, melding Bach's compositions with decidedly risky improvisations. They stretch and reinterpret Classical styles, altering the form and using it as inspiration for new original pieces. BROQUE's original compositions are at once somber and spellbinding; with Herschler's detailed guitar work providing an aural ladder while Freudmann climbs each step with cool precision. Their debut CD, entitled Dancing On My Hat, highlights these stunning juxtapositions.

Both experienced improvisors in the own right, they perform a mixture of Bach's Inventions, Blues-inspired musical dialogs and their own magical improvisations.They bring to their work influences including Classical, Blues, Jazz, British Pop and Flamenco. BROQUE's inventiveness is bridging the gap between Baroque and Modern composition. BROQUE offers ingenious programming and superb musicianship that truly breaks new ground. Herschler and Freudmann are innovators to the core, exploring new and old forms with passion and finesse, engaging their listeners with an intoxicating musical spell.
 "Live, BROQUE places great importance on fun and improvisation. Performances always include at least one piece completely improvised on the spot, and these seasoned and talented players might well take audiences anywhere at all -- don't be surprised if an intricate Bach melody leads straight into Muddy Waters, and somehow, it just seems right." - Valley Advocate

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